Anger Management


A course designed to manage and prevent a person's anger including people within their work environment. A feature of Behavioural management.

Who is it for?

Individuals subject to anger, regardless of age, educational background who have difficulties managing their own and other people anger from work or in their personal lives.

What is it about?

Exploring what it means to conquer negative anger and transform it into calm and peace. We’ll help you find a new way of dealing with your problems and open doors to a better life, making you more confident and able to take control of your anger and all those issues that result.

What will I get out of it?

  • Manage anger reaction effectively.
  • Take control of difficult situations without damaging your relationships.
  • Learn to express your feelings in a calm and reasoned way.
  • Relaxation and wellbeing.


Product CodeAMG
Duration1 Day

Course Overview

  • Understanding and recognising anger, What it is and why it occurs.
  • Pinpointing and tackling the signs and symptoms.
  • Break the vicious circle of anger.
  • Know when to prevent anger.
  • Conquer anger triggered by change.
  • Learn practical insights and tools to manage anger.

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