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Maximised Training, (a subsidiary of the Institute of Wellbeing - IOW), is recognised as a premier training and development company for over a decade.
We promote total wellbeing and healthy living through a range of lifestyle and personal development programs for people at all stages of life. We pride ourselves on ‘life-long’ learning and concepts for self-development to inspire individuals to take charge and reach their full potential.



As a national and specialist organisation, we have a long-standing track record of working within public and private sectors. Our training programs are certified by the Institute of Wellbeing (IOW) and the Institute of Leadership & Management (ILM).

Operating throughout key major United Kingdom cities, Maximised Training take a ‘whole person approach’ by combining academic, professional and life skills. 
We seek to inspire, empower and re-align people so that they can be effective in life.



As a Maximised Training Partner, you are welcomed to a vast array of products that will aid you in the areas of business development, corporate training and coaching and the added benefits from an unprecedented wealth of experience and support. You will then be able to grow a substantial sustainable and profitable business.

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