• Positive Parenting

    Parents for Life

    A course designed to highlight the importance and practice of positive parenting and to explore the particular challenges of parenthood.

    Positive Fathering

    Fathers for Life

    Allows participants to explore fatherhood holistically by reviewing childhood experience, role models and positive qualitiies that are brought to fathering.

    Coaching for Mothers Box

    Coaching for Mothers

    For Natural, Single Parent Mothers, Step and Foster Mothers, Guardians and women who act on behalf of a child’s biological parents.

  • Life Choices

    Life Choices

    A course is designed to explore aspects of personal growth focusing on self-awareness, self-assertion, coping with stress and self-acceptance.



    Life skills & personal development course for young people with a particular focus on how they can develop a positive identity.

    Early Choices

    Early Choices

    Life skills & personal development course for kids with a particular focus on how they can develop a positive identity.

  • Stress Management

    Stress Management

    A course that helps you to explore what it means to conquer negative stress and transform it into calm and peace of mind.

    Loneliness, Isolation & Depression


    Educates participants to understand that LID is a common part of life and is experienced by most of us at some time or another in our lives.

    Anger Management

    Anger Management

    A course designed to manage and prevent a person's anger including people within their work environment. A feature of Behavioural management.

  • Leadership

    Effective Leadership

    A multi-faceted learning experience allowing those who manage people the opportunity to develop tools to motivate others & lead their team to success.

    Different But Equal

    Different But Equal

    A course is designed to highlight the importance of responding positively to social and ethnic diversity in the workplace.

    Introductory Counselling Skills

    Intro. Counselling Skills

    Provides guidance and counselling as a valued asset for any career, especially when it involves helping others to improve the quality of their life.

  • Men In Business Box

    Men in Business

    For determined individuals seeking direction & empowerment to start and grow their own business. Achieve a balanced, healthy & rewarding business.

    Self Esteem

    Self Esteem

    This course explores aspects of personal growth focusing on self-image, positive thinking, coping with identity and confidence.

    Effective Communication

    Effective Communication

    Provides full appreciation of effective verbal and non-verbal communication and explores physical, psychological, cultural issues and barriers

  • Conflict Resolution Box

    Conflict Resolution

    Conflict is extremely destructive but if managed in a positive way can effectively resolve issues. Learn the 3 Stage Model plus insights into behaviour & culture.

    Work-Life Balance

    Work - Life Balance

    This course gives you principles to restore control over work-life, family-life, social-life, personal-life and your general Wellbeing.

    Partnership In Practice

    Partnership in Practice

    For couples planning marriage or in a long-term relationship, helping them to explore what it means to enter into a healthy long-term partnership.