Welcome to Maximised Training

Maximised Training is a subsidiary of the Institute of Wellbeing (IOW), a national and specialist organisation which promotes total wellbeing and healthy living through a range of lifestyle and personal development programmes for all people at all stages of life.

Most traditional training companies focus on developing academic or professional skills.

At the IOW we recognise that life continues when you finish work or studying and hence adopt the approach that through training we can inspire, develop, restore, motivate, empower and re-align people. We believe that life long learning is good practice and supports a healthy lifestyle.

Our training goes beyond soft skills - we take the ‘whole person approach’ and pride ourselves with a ‘better life’ training concept.

Our work is of a high national standard and we have a strong track record in delivering evidence based programmes.

As a Strategic Partner, we have a long standing relationship with Central Government Departments, including the Department of Education.