• Personal Development Boxset

    Personal Development

    Comprehensive range of Personal Development courses, supported by highly competent tutors and fully comprehensive courseware.  Change your life in every good way.


    Professional Development

    Take the next step in your career. Learn assertiveness and confidence building training.
    Learn communication skills, delegation, facilitation and negotiation training.

    Behavioural Development

    Behavioural Management

    Learn more about behavioural programmes with high impact coaching for self esteem, anger & stress related issues. Understand & recognise why they arise and how they can be overcome.

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    Lifestyle Choices

    A module aimed at individuals seeking personal development, self-awareness and self-direction. An essential learning experience on life skills & personal growth in adults as well as children & young people.

    Parenting Boxset

    Parental Development

    For parents, guardians, teachers, social workers & other sector specialists. Participants explore parenthood holistically by reviewing positive qualities and identifying attributes they would like to improve.


    Partnerships & Couples

    For people entering a long term relationship. Couples explore the insights into the meaning of partnerships and trust. It provides support and covers skills in achieving successful communication.