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Maximised Training offers a range of Self-help Training Modules. Choosing a Training Module will enable you to choose the appropriate training for your needs with effective results.

Personal Development - Is a comprehensive range of computer Personal Development courses, supported by highly competent tutors and fully comprehensive courseware.

Professional Development  - Take the next step in your career. Learn assertiveness and confidence building training. Learn communication skills, delegation, facilitation and negotiation training.

Behavioural Management  - Learn more about behavioural programmes with high impact coaching for self esteem, anger & stress related issues. Understand & recognise why they arise and how they can be overcome.

Lifestyle Choices  - A module aimed at individuals seeking personal development, self-awareness and self-direction. An essential learning experience on life skills & personal growth in adults as well as children & young people.

Parental Development  - For parents, guardians, teachers, social workers & other sector specialists. Participants explore parenthood holistically by reviewing positive qualities and identifying attributes they would like to improve.

Partnerships  & Couples  - For people entering a long term relationship. Couples explore the insights into the meaning of partnerships and trust. It provides support and covers skills in achieving successful communication.

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At Maximised training we pride ourselves in supporting people through 'empowerment' by enhancing 'life skills.'
Maximised provides self-development through training and education and by inspiring individuals to reach their full potential.

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